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Welcome to 2024!

Welcome to 2024, and another year jam packed full of fun!

Thank you all for such a wonderful past year. We continue to welcome fresh faces including retirees who come along and join in the fun. We love our intergenerational family!

In 2024 we will continue to offer a large variety of educational play for the children to develop and exercise their wonderful imaginations. From traditional dress-ups, finger painting and playdough, to nature-based play and learning about other cultures and diversity. Come and check out our new resources this year.

Together we will explore endless possibilities and new worlds, as superheros, fairies, cooks, firefighters, posties and so much more. Margaret will be accompanying the fun on the piano, playing our favourite tunes to sing along to. The children will learn valuable life skills of sharing and working together in a playful setting.

There is plenty of space to run around in our bright play space and burn off some energy. Then some quiet time with plenty of stories to listen to. More fuel for young minds to develop creative imaginations.

For our grown ups it is a chance to make new friends and share the ups and downs about caring for active children. You will also get to participate in all the fun!

We'll be back on Thursday 18th January, then every Thursday from 9am to 11am.

Please check out our website for more information.

Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

Let us know if you are keen to join us in 2024 – we’d love to have you join us.


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