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Thanks for 2022!

Updated: Jan 3

December is upon us, and we look back on 2022 with joy.

We have had such a wonderful 8 months since our little venture started.

So many lovely families have joined us in play. Some have moved on and others are yet to discover us!

The children have been busy developing muscles and wonderful imaginations with their playdough creations. They have explored the endless possibilities in the dramatic play space – cooking multitudes of cup cakes and making many cups of tea to share. Spiderman and Crocodile have made quite a few appearances and of course Elsa and many fairies have joined us quite regularly!

We have learned to play along side our friends and be respectful and kind. We have listened to stories with Miss Kim and have sung with enthusiasm when Margaret plays our favourite music.

Our grown ups have made new friends and shared joyful (and the not so joyful!) anecdotes about their parenting experiences.

We have played with dolls, trucks, Lego and mobilo, with big blocks and small ones – in tepees and tents and we have planted grass heads and iced biscuits – we have been ever so busy!

Our older adults have participated in some fun incidental exercise with the parachute , balloon batting, action songs and more. They have expressed their artistic talents with the spray paint activity. They have blown and chased bubbles, scooped illusive coloured rice into small contains and generally enjoyed the children’s company.

Thank you all for a wonderful start to what will grow to be bigger and better in 2023. We welcome fresh faces in the new year and will be especially thrilled to welcome some retirees to come along and join in the fun and become a part of our intergenerational family.

Please check out our website and like us on Facebook. Let us know if you are keen to join us in 2023 – we’d love to have you join us.


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